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Well let's see, when I was younger we made afternoon boat trips from Marina Del Rey, Ca. up and down the coast. Mostly, I remember the times we went to Catalina Island or better yet, what we saw each time. There were days when the water was smooth as glass. On those trips, you could sit on the bow of the boat and look right through the water. Mostly I recall seeing jellyfish or an occasional playful dolphin surfing in our bow wake. It was most likely here that I first started to imagine what it would be like.....

That's where it all began.

From those simple beginnings, I've explored exotic locations (see below), built a couple of submarines, taught a few people to dive and have made a wealth of friends. Best of all...I've done it with a camera in my hand! I was originally certified in 1987, and since then I've been fortunate enough to dive continuously. To date, I'm over the 1,100 dive mark and still going strong. Well, still going anyway! My diving experience has taught me so much about people, wildlife and an appreciation for both, that I can't imagine what my life would be like without such wonderful undersea adventures. And I'm not done learning yet.
That's why I'm smiling!

I would be remiss if I didn't mention my brother Mike in all of this. We share the same strong passion for the water, and we were certified around the same time. We both are competitive by nature, so we're always striving to outdo one another. It's truely been great having him around to share these experiences. Mike is also an established photographer in his own right. And if you've had the misfortune to be on the same boat with us....I sincerely appologize...for whatever we did!

Why have this web site?

When I first started taking my camera underwater, being able to share what I'd experienced was the next logical step. I started with the available technology at the time, and found myself giving slide presentations to friends and family. As that progressed, so did my skills and experiences. And after 20 years, I've made many, many contacts in the industry. So I found myself giving lectures for dive shops on locations I've been to...the pro's, the con's.

Somewhere along the way, the internet appeared. My original web site started in 2000. It was a great experience, and forced me to learn more. Now, with the advent of digital camera technology...it makes sharing my images that much easier.

The bottom line to all of this, this site is here for you to enjoy. I've tried to give you a sound-bite on each picture. Where it was taken, the camera and lens setup. Where possible, I've researched each image to provide common names (which in most cases only applies to local knowledge) and scientific classifications i.e., Genus and species.


As a footnote;
For those of you who have followed me over the years, you might have noticed a subtle change in my subject matter. With the advent of digital photography, I've found myself...or better yet, I've put myself in a position where a camera is near me all the time now, not just in the water. Having the instant gratification of seeing what you've captured within moments has been a real inspiration. So I'm finding my time spent at local sanctuaries, zoo's and aquariums in search of new photographic challenges. H2O Pictures has turned out to be a cottage business of supporting notworthy caretaking facilities. And has opened many new doors for me.

Notable Photographic Achievements
International Primate Protection League (Video/Photography)
"No Dead Fish for Ginger!  The Story of a Sarasota Bay Dolphin (contributing photographer)
Performance Design Parachutes - Web Page Graphics
Mustangs and Mustangs - Fantasy of Flight web site
NBC, FOX and CBS - "Ginger" release
MoteMarine Magazine -Winter Cover, 2008
NBC, FOX and CBS - Pygmy Killer Whale Images, Mote Aquarium - June 2008
The Talking Monkeys Project - Primate Photography - June 2008
The Childrens Book - Those Magical Manatees - May 2008
Royal Society of Chemistry, Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry Journal, Inside Cover - April 2008
Sarasota / Bradenton Yellow Pages - Spring 2008 Cover
Mote Marine Magazine -Winter 2007 Cover, Articles
Sarasota County Arts Council - November News Letter
Robert Kursons - Crashing Through
The Childrens Book - Those Delightful Dolphins
Mote Marine Magazine - Spring 2007
Mote Marine Magazine - Winter 2006
AquaCat Photo Competition - July 2004
Skin Diver Magazine - October 2002
Honorable Mention - Oceanfest 2002, Fort Lauderdale Florida
3rd Place - Oceanfest, Fort Lauderdale Florida 2000
Skin Diver Magazine - October 2000
1st Place - Nekton Pilot Photo Competition, July 2000

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Bahamas: Grand Bahamas, Bimini, Cay Sal and Exuma.
California: Laguna Beach, Zuma Beach, Catalina, San Clemente, Santa Rosa, San Miguel, Santa Rosa and Anacapa Islands
Central America: Belize and Cozumel
China: Hong Kong
Florida: Dry Tortugas, Key West, Devils Den, Boynton, Clearwater, Marathon, Sarasota, Pompano, Boca and Del Rey beaches
Hawaii: Hawaii
Micronesia: Truk Lagoon and Palau
Netherland Antilles: Saba, St. Marteen
Canada: Nova Scotia, B.C., Toronto
: Sydney
Washington: Bainbridge Is., Agate Pass and The Straits of Juan DeFuca

Tools of the trade:
Cameras -
Digital - Canon 50D, Canon 20D, Canon 300D, Sea and Sea DX-8000G
Film - Nikonos V, Nikonos III
Lenes -
Digital - Canon 100-400mm IS, Canon 10-22 mm, Canon 18-55 mm, Canon 50mm, 28-135mm IS, Tamron 75-300mm, Tamron 35-70mm, Celestron 8" CPC 2000mm (Astrophotography)
Underwater Film - Nikonos 35mm, Nikons 35mm Close-up, Nikonos 80mm, Sea and Sea 17mm
Strobes -
Nikons SB-105's, Canon 480EX